Meet the People



  1. I look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing more!

  2. Hello, I saw your article in the paper this morning. Interesting! My wife and I almost purchased this house over the summer, I was wondering what had happened to it. We were planning on doing what you are doing, but we would have had to live in it while doing all the work. Yikes! We were OK with most of it, but the moisture/mold situation in the crawlspace was too much of a wild card. And what was the deal with all that tile? And the paint-over-wallpaper-over-wood paneling? It’s sad that a nice place like that has had so many unfortunate things happen to it over the years. We’re glad to see that someone’s fixing it up! And thanks for putting the blog together.

  3. Just took a minute to visit the site and look at the pictures, especially yours and Kim’s. I’ll take some time to read further later. As you know I attended UM and never really learned to read so it’ll take me a while with help from Jeanne.

    Sounds like you’ll have all the tools to start a rental property empire. It’s not a bad way to plan for retirement.

    Hope all is well and say hi to Dad.

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