Progression Pictures Start to Finish

Check out these Start-to-Finish Progressions

Click on each series to enlarge them.

Kitchen was updated from the old look, to an up-to-date light-filled kitchen. Number one tip to keep in mind when updating your kitchen: shop, shop, shop. You will find random deals, such as these cabinets which were originally the display set in Lowes.
You can see where we installed under-floor heating in the kitchen. Also added is a solar tube which lightens the kitchen area tremendously.

Back of the House

Here’s a progression reminiscent of those magazine spreads that show you two things to add to your house to make it more modern. Well, here you go; add a deck and make your window into a sliding glass door and you will have modernized your house’s exterior.

Crawl Space

From gross to glam. Okay, not quite the right word. But, like any ignored crawl-space, this one was gross beyond words. Plus the insulation was in backwards…fire hazard. New foam insulation was sprayed in and black plastic lines the bottom both for function and yes, glam.

Dining Room

Widening window space included cutting the exterior brick to make room for a sliding glass door which leads out onto the new deck.

Living Room

Widened the opening from the Dining room to the Living room to create a great room effect. Encased the beams with stained wood to add a touch of elegance.


The beauty of this feature must be seen in person. Having the duct work included in the house caused us to have to lower the ceiling in the hallway by eight inches. Amazingly, this makes the eight-foot ceilings in the bedrooms and living rooms feel lofty when coming into them from the hallway.

And for Your Continued Amusement… Before and After Pictures:

Click on each picture to enlarge them.

Living Room
Bedroom #1
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Front of the House from Sidewalk
Front of the House
Front of the House from Driveway
Back of the House

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