Over the last three months we’ve received a variety of questions. We will now try to assemble them on this page.

Q. What are you selling? Why all the media hype?

A: We are not selling anything.  This blog and any related media is for public education only. We are learning and trying to convey information as we learn. This blog keeps our thoughts and progress logical and on track. Hopefully we will transmit our enthusiasm to our readers. Communities can move mountains when everyone gets enthusiastic. Positive attitudes hasten recoveries. We offer reassurance to all homeowners that even a very small change in your home is kinder to the environment. Taking care of the environment is showing appreciation for it, and it is no secret that an appreciative people will thrive.

Q:  Do you accept donations?

A: No, please do not send money!  We are not a “not for profit” group. We are simply two homeowners renovating a house.  We have our own allocated funds. The bottom line is, we are investing in this venture with hopes of a return, both monetary and intangible, in the future.

Materially we hope to have a nice property that will improve in value as Fayetteville recovers…which it will.

We also hope Lauren will gain experience in the building and engineering trades which will open doors to her future.

More altruistically, we are investing in Fayetteville and our community by resurrecting a lost house rather than building a new one.

And, of course, we’re trying to make the smallest impact on the environment as possible.

We have enlisted the aid of local companies in Fayetteville, who are willing to help us “at cost”.  Therefore, in return, we will try our best to tell whoever will listen, about their willingness, enthusiasm and qualities regarding this project.

Do you want to contribute? Then, by all means, start your own energy efficient upgrade project and then give these truly wonderful companies a call:

Pications: Carolyn 479-595-5527 (Very talented graphic designer for advertising and logos, Think: Green Pinkies!)

Home Energy Consultants: William and Gary 479-263-1017 (provide guidance and a plan for reducing the ‘footprint’ of your home)

Ozark Mountain Air: Bob and Ken 479-521-2370 (HVAC)

North Star Plumbing: Rick 479-756-1215 (plumbing, tankless water heating, hydronic heating)

Sun City Solar Commercial Energy: John 479-422-7037 (Solar water heat)

Campbell Electric, Inc.: Michael 479-973-0002 (electrical, very supportive with educating about electrical).

Hanke Brothers Windows: John 479-750-9190 (quality windows, excellent support)

Safe at Home Home Inspections: Steven 479-422-1797 (Detailed inspection of homes)

Q: What will you do with the house when it is finished?

A: This house is projected to become a furnished rental to be used for incoming guest professors of the Univerity of Arkansas and their families. Those professors, when they rotate into our community for 6 months to 1 year on Sabbatical visits, usually need a ‘turn key’ rental.

Q: Why are you recording your hours as “man hours” when you are two women?

A: “Man hours” is the socially accepted term for hours worked. Altering a generally accepted phrase into “Woman hours” starts to suggest a political statement or agenda which we do not wish to make.  This may surprise you, but we Pinkies enjoy being women and we do not want to be men.  True, we have an unstoppable work ethic and will  ‘get the job done’ even in the face of a shattered fingernail, pulled muscles and a few scratches and bruises. However; we clean up really well: We enjoy dressing up, manicured nails, having doors held  for us by gentlemen, and dinner invitations….so, when shall we do dinner?

Q: You’re still at it?

A:  This is most surprising to us: how many people thought we’d give up at the first sign of hard work and sell out.   But, we are above all, Perserverant Pinkies.  True we have had our discouraging, throw in the towel, we’re overwhelmed, moments.  But, this is where “two are better than one”.  “Even when one falls, his partner can lift him up”.  Thankfully, we’ve never been both discouraged at the same time.

Q: Do you partners ever fight or argue?

A: Yes, Kim wins. After all: “age before beauty”.   Just kidding, Lauren is the ultimate decision maker and Kim only steps in and insists on her way if it appears that an “inexperience related error with lasting repercussions” is about to be made.



  1. Love your project and your blog! Your project is just the one that I have always dreamed of doing myself, as I love home improvement and ideas of energy efficiency. The blog is every bit as good or better than one I recently followed in Wall Street Journal about the redo of an old brownstone. I think you deserve national recognition! I read the article about you in Sunday’s paper and found the website. Good luck, may things go as you wish from now on. No more nasty surprises.

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