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Energy Saving Products and Procedures

Sept 1    The Nitty Gritty (definitions for understanding the RESNET rating)

Oct 21    Introductions, or the Old Fashioned Picnic Social (formulating our team)

Nov 7     Conditioned Spaces or “We all live in a Yellow Submarine… (The                      Beatles 1968)

Feb 22    The Ductwork Solution  (The Newest Green Pinkie or “diddle, diddle                dumpling, my son Jon”

Mar 14    Energy Efficient Lighting or “Trash the Cans?”

Mar 17     Update on the Cans

Apr 20    CFL lightbulbs @ $3.00/bulb vs. LED light bulbs @ $25/bulb or “On                   the Road Again…”  (Willie Nelson 1980)

May 9      Sola-Tubes or “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”

May 29    The Crawlspace or the land down under revisited

July 4      Cost of Energy Efficient Improvements or “Trip around the Solar                     System without the budget of NASA”

Nov 14    Cost Analysis or “…and now for the rest of the Story”  -Paul Harvey                 (continuation of the blog, July 4, “Trip around the Solar System” )

Government permits, tax incentive, rebates etc.

Aug 21     Government Permits or “They want us to order a Port-a-potty!?”

Oct 12      Energy Rebates or “Don’t throw Away that Water Heater!”

Jan 23     Delay of Game, Five Yard penalty or “Honesty Is Such a Lonely                        Word” (Billy Joel, 1979)

Jun 4       The Catch 22 of  “Going Green” Remodels or “Breaking Ground Can                   Cause You to Fall Through the Cracks”

Jul 1         Update on the Rebates…”And for all else, there’s Mastercard”                             (continuation of Oct 12 blog )

Remodeling process and discoveries

Aug 20   What gave us this Idea or “Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far                         Away…”

Aug 22    The Crawlspace or “The land Down Under”

Aug 23    Pet Peeve #1: Doubt Sets In or “That’s Beautiful, Why’d You Get Rid                 of It?”

Aug 27    The First Ugly Surprise or “Which Came First, The Chicken or the                       Egg?”

Sept 6      Green Pinkies are Green Cleanies or applying the Motto: “Work                        Smart, Not Hard”

Sept 20   Professionals Know their Stuff or “One look says it all”

Sept 22   The First Ugly Surprise “updated” or “Here Lies Jack”  (See post                       Aug 27 )

Oct 3        Roofing or “Work Smart, Not Hard” does not Equal “Do it Yourself,                    Save Money

Oct 23     Tile Removal or, The Great Cover Up or, “One Step Forward, Two                   Steps Back”

Oct 30    Moving On (beginning construction) and The Final Verdict on the                         Floor

Nov 23   The Final Verdict on the Floor or “It’s Baackk”

Dec 19    Frozen Blue Pinkies or “There is no bad weather, only bad                                 Clothes”

Dec 30   “The Ankle bone is connected to the shin bone, the shin bone’s                        connected to the knee bone…” or “There’s a hole in my bucket,                         dear Liza, dear Liza…”   (dealing with delays)

Jan 20     Heat! or “To Build a Fire” (Jack London)

Feb 17     Mean and Green, Raw and Real  (dealing with delays)

Feb 18      …and they’re off! (dealing with delays)

Feb 22     The Newest Green Pinkie or “diddle diddle dumpling, my son Jon”

May 18    What Happens When you Don’t Prime Existing Wallboard Before                       Painting or, “the Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling” – Chicken Little

May 29     The Fix on the Ceiling, Pre-existing Drywall or, Our Vote for MVP

May 29     The Crawlspace or “The land down under revisited”


Aug 20     Our New Logo

Oct 10      Mayday! Mayday! Green Pinkie Down! or “Reconstruction of teeth                    could equal Cost of Renovation of House”

Nov 30    The Value of Shopping or “Lowes Knows”

Dec 12      Making Silk out of a Sow’s Ear  (Northwest Arkansas Times Article)

July 17     Know Your Local Tradesmen, or Locavore!

July 31     Happy Hour @ Happy Hollow, or  a great “Thank You” to our                               contractors

Aug 3       And They’re Off. Our Entrance into the EVHA Was Accepted!


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