Posted by: greenpinkies | March 13, 2012

Open House Invite: “Y’all Come On In!”

Energy star rating of 5+ stars?

60% more efficient with utility bills than before?

Heated by solar heated hot water?

That old house!?


Come on in! Take a look!

Open Demonstration/Exposition House:

March 31 – April 1, 2012

10am to 5pm

 226 South Happy Hollow Road,  Fayetteville, 72701

You are cordially invited:

 The Green Pinkies, LLC, “Two Women and a House”, are holding the door open and inviting the general public to stop in and see this solar water heated house system which has generated (pun intended) so much interest in the remodeling community.

Winner of the Silver Award in the Moderate climate, remodel category of the 2012 Energy Value Housing competition at the National Home Builder’s Convention in Florida, this 30 year old, brick ranch style, 1478 square foot, flagship home, now boasts an energy star rating of 5+ stars and is 60% more efficient than before the remodel.

Can an older house be heated mostly by using Solar Heated water? Can this be done without the huge outlay of cash which Photo voltaic panels require? Heating water is far more basic and intuitive.

Can the average homeowner tackle these kinds of Energy Updates to their older home? Can they use only parts of the system as the budget allows?  We, an average mother and daughter living here in Fayetteville, Arkansas did it. We think anybody could with a little direction.

Stop by, look the house over and get some ideas for adding to your own energy efficient upgrades, whether they be small or large.

We are not selling anything or offering any services. (Well, maybe we’ll have cookies laid out).  This is simply an educational expo for the public. We are sharing our experience and our enthusiasm. Warning: we are bragging about our contractors. Plus, this is a great way to meet all of you who have so diligently followed the progress of the house over the year we worked on it.

See you soon,

Your, GreenPinkies


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