Posted by: greenpinkies | February 11, 2012

The EVHA Competition Results or, “Know when to Hold ’em, know when to Fold ’em”….. Kenny Rogers 1978

Dateline:  Orlando, Florida, National Home Builders Convention, EVHA Awards Presentation, Febraury 8, 2012

GreenPinkies LLC:  Silver Award, moderate climate, remodel category

As the sun slowly sets in the Florida sky, your pauperized Pinkies turn their proverbial horses to the western horizon and ride off into the sunset.

The stakes were high and we played them to the end. All aces were laid on the table and ….

Ah, Orlando, home of beautiful nightlife, rental cars, valet parking and 5 star (not “energystar”) restaurants.  Not to mention Sea World, Universal Studios, and Disneyworld.  The expense, nay the experience, was fascinating.

All aces were laid on the table and ….like poker, the strength of your hand is all dependent upon what cards the other players bring to the table.

But “folding” is only one play in the game.

What we did find was, once again, that sterling quality that some people have which makes them secure enough to ‘show their cards’ to the newbies. There is a certain attitude in a percentage of the people in any group that allows them to grasp the big picture of ‘community’,  to play the first round “open faced” so all can benefit from the instruction.

We are here again congratulating that certain attitude, which we did find in some of our contemporaries in the building industry: a willingness to think outside the box, a genuine warmth, welcome, and indeed a very honest attempt to mentor the newbies.  These are the ones who came out to meet and encourage us on the street less traveled. (which happens to be “G” ;)). Thank you all of you.


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