Posted by: greenpinkies | November 11, 2011

Peoples Choice Award-Time to get out the vote!

Peoples Choice is where the general public has a say in picking their favorite remodeling or new home project out of the posted finalists for the EVHA competition. The project that accumulates the most votes will win the Peoples Choice award at the banquet on February 8,2012.

Dear DYI’rs, we would love for you and your friends to vote for our project.

Peoples’ Choice Voting Instructions:

So, the entries are now posted on the website below. Any computer IP address is allowed only one vote. Very simply, review the different choices of both new and remodeled homes for this year’s competition. Look at their pictures and the stats.

The GreenPinkies entry is house choice  #7

(After you press the submit button, you will no longer be able to access the pictures of the finalists so we recommend that you do all your looking before hand).

One last request: once you vote, tell all your friends! (This is one of those instances when ‘viral’ is a good thing this fall).

Thanks, Your GreenPinkies

Oh, almost forgot: in case you missed the Channel 5 news report about this remodeled house project, which aired on Sept. 19th, here is the link:



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