Posted by: greenpinkies | August 3, 2011

And They’re Off! Our Entrance to the EVHA Was Accepted!

Greetings to all!

At one point or another, all of you have helped us out or worked with us in this year-long project – renovating an abused existing home and giving it a new life.  Not just any life, mind you, but a ‘green’ one!  In light of that, our aim was to submit our Happy Hollow house into the EVHA 2012 National competition.  A competition that supports the building or renovating/retrofitting of sustainable, energy saving houses.  The deadline was Friday, July 29th.
We are here to inform you that our entry submission was successful!  And the application is very strong.  We look forward to being able to update you again in the future. In September, we will be informed of winners in the first round and there is a banquet in February where they will announce the finalists.  That is all we know for now.  Thank you again for all of your hard work!
Lauren and Kim Kuenzel
GreenPinkies, LLC
PS – Some neat facts about our house:
The HERS Index clocked in at 51 (down from 118!)  That means this house is 67% more efficient than it was originally. Utility bills (electricity, gas, water) projected at $600 annually.
The house received an Energy Star rating of 5+ stars (the highest)
For the month of June, running air conditioning, our electricity bill was $25!

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