Posted by: greenpinkies | July 31, 2011

Happy Hour @ Happy Hollow or “A great Thank You to our contractors!”

“It was a beauteous evening, calm and free…. July 14, 2011  Happy Hour@Happy Hollow, one of our three milestones was accomplished.

Cocktail hour!

The house is now 90% finished and furnished and we scrambled to put the finishing touches on a get-together, a Thank You party for our loyal co-workers.

We sent out invitations:


At 5pm the guests arrived. These are the contractors who had put the most effort into helping us out.  In fact, in this gathering of 20 or so people was assembled some of the finest character in Fayetteville.  We say this because every one of those people were ones who were excited by our project of making this house come to life again in a more environmentally friendly way. These are the enthusiastic ones, the ones willing to give to make it work. People who are of the character that you’d want to have as neighbors.

This project had the effect of combing through Fayetteville and gathering the best together.  And, because they were now all in one place, there was opportunity to meet and trade businesscards and network.  Some of these tradesmen had only heard of one another but not met before.

Conversation and trading cards

We had a photographer on hand to get pictures of all our people.  Would you like to meet them?

Here’s the instigator of this whole thing: Robert Webb of Crye Leike Realtors.  He’s the one who showed us the house and suggested it might have some interesting potential

We had Gary Kahanak of Home Energy Consultants, William couldn’t be with us.

Ken of Ozark Mountain Air, our HVAC contractors, Bob couldn’t be with us.











North Star Plumbing with Ed, Brent and Rick





We couldn’t resist, they looked so nice!!


Mike and Bill of Campbell electric.

Note: Mike gets the “pulled the best joke on us award”.  The day of the party, he called us on the phone, disguising his voice, and told us that he was from the City of Fayetteville and that we were in violation of Fayetteville Ordinances requiring a $250 parking permit and liquor license for all cocktail parties in city limits! Yes friends, for a few speechless moments, we believed him!)



John Gerrard of Sun City Solar

Karen, representing Lowe’s

…and Yours Truly, Kim and Lauren of GreenPinkies


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