Posted by: greenpinkies | July 1, 2011

Update on the Rebates, “…And for all else, there’s MasterCard”(continuation of Blog Dated Oct 12, 2010)

Note to reader: the following information may not be suitable for all ages. Contains painful truisms.

Total of all Energy Star and Federal government encouraged improvements which we put into this house:  $30,000.00 (more or less).

Here is a synopsis of what we have achieved in Energy upgrade/Energy Star rebates and Government Incentives to date:

 Federal tax incentives: $0,  No income tax reported, no credits given.

State Energy Star Appliance Rebates: $0, Arkansas is out of money for the program

Solar energy credits:  $0,  The solar water heater panel is a used one, credits only apply to a new purchase.

Arkansas Western Gas Rebates: Excess Is Out Program: We made our case to be granted an exception to the circumstances below.  And were flatly declined.

Hydronic Heating equipment: $0, The unit was donated by the Rinnai Corporation, there is no receipt.

Tankless Hot Water heater: $0,  The purchase date exceeds the 90 day limit by 10 days. However; the “Placed in Service” date was within the acceptable range.  Close but no banana.

SWEPCO Rebates:  Still waiting on this one too.

2 ton, 2 stage Rheem Air Conditioner:  $450

Private Rebates: 

Whirlpool:  $125 Dishwasher

Total of all rebates acquired to date: $125

As you will note this is a wee bit short of the $3000 we thought we might be eligible for when we projected the first blog dated October 12, 2010,   Energy Rebates or “Don’t throw Away that Water Heater!”

Lessons learned

 Do your research before you lay out large amounts of cash for a home improvement.

Do not do your project based on the hope of “uncertain riches”.

Follow through diligently.  There is no kindergarten teacher holding your hand on this one folks. No one is passing out the applications to you and stepping you through the process and, most importantly, (for all those younger ones of us who’s teachers always had the report deadlines moved back a couple of times to accommodate our lack of planning), the deadline will not be changed…you miss it, you miss it. (This is real life).

Now, we Greenpinkies always try to leave our blogs on a positive pinkie note:

The very great upside to all of this is that we begged, bartered, and bought lightly used equipment when possible.

This resulted in a whopping Energy update savings of, are you ready for this?…

Approximately:  $10,000 !!!!  (This will be refined and updated soon).  Rebates aren’t the only option out there.

Note:  Although we have no shame when it comes to asking for free stuff or discounts on stuff, we have never asked for donated labor. “The worker is deserving of his wages”. Time, to us, is worth far more than money for there is far less of it out there.

Nevertheless, let it be known that: North Star Plumbing, Ozark Mountain Air, Home Energy Consultants, as well as many others who, we suspect will not reveal it to us, did donate their time on many instances.

Priceless.  …and for all else, there’s Mastercard.

We, ourselves, received no wages for the year, but plenty of frequent flier miles.


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