Posted by: greenpinkies | May 29, 2011

The ‘Fix’ on the ceiling, pre-existing drywall, or, Our vote for MVP

During this project, we’ve had the enjoyment of meeting some pretty interesting people.  Every now and then one is invaluable with his work ethic or expertise.

Three cheers for Jose, who absolutely doesn’t let anything bother him and is hugely competent with any of the drywall jobs we’ve given him.   Here is someone with a work ethic that exceeds ours (we didn’t think this possible).

We originally hired Jose to do the drywall and taping and mudding of the walls, as well as the texturing of everything, walls and ceiling.  We thought he’d have a crew but the man did the entire job by himself.  So, you can imagine how embarrassed we were to call him back and explain that we had messed up the ceilings. Jose was more than happy to come out and went to work on the ceilings without much comment.  He was probably thinking some not so kind things but, at least he wasn’t saying them.

OK all you ceiling painters, here’s the proceedure, ala Jose, for working with preexisting wallboard:

1.All ceilings scraped by hand down to the wallboard. (This results in some tearing and pitting).

2.Then oil based Kilz primer was painted on.

3.Then all the flaws in the ceiling were patiently re-mudded .

4.Lastly, retexture the ceiling.

This took twelve hours and Jose didn’t stop ’till it was done.

After a few days, I tried again with the roller and latex primer and…wonderful, wonderful.  The ceilings are flawless!


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