Posted by: greenpinkies | May 9, 2011

Sola-tubes or “The Light at the End of the Tunnel”

This has got to be the most satisfying (instant gratification!) energy efficient addition we’ve made so far!  Every home owner who has those interior rooms…dark, dark, dark…should consider this.

Lauren installed 2 Sola-tubes, aka Tubular Skylights, from EcoVantage based out of Dallas, TX. Shipped to our front door.  One was a straight Tubular Skylight and the other came with an attached vent as well.

Bathroom ceiling, before beginning

The installation took one day (per skylight…but we (yes, you need at least two people) got faster!)

Holes were cut in the ceiling and also the roof.

Looking through the hole to the beautiful outside sky

A seamless collar that will never leak!

And, oh my gosh, we had to saws-all a hole into the new roof!!

Bringing the sunlight from the roof down into the living space required a ridiculously polished metal tube.

Check out the vent connection!

This is an interesting concept.  Do you see how far removed that vent/fan is from the ceiling of the house?  (okay, it’s hiding behind the Sola-tube a little, but that’s a good 3 feet above the living quarters)  Wonderfully quiet!

View from the Bathroom

If you look closely at the finished light, you will see that the ring around the light is about an inch lower than the ceiling.  This is the vent.  Isn’t it clever?  Sucking the air from all directions, without being an obvious “vent”.

This bathroom is a completely interior bathroom…and see how light it is (no flash taken).

Kitchen Before

Now we start the Kitchen Tubular Skylight.

Kitchen After

You can see this light has a much smaller ring border and is flush with the ceiling.  No vent.

The look from above!

Still water tight roof!



  1. I want a solatube, too! But I’m getting rain gutters and downspouts instead. And if there’s enough money left over, I want to get the deck re-planked (or whatever it’s called). But someday, I’m gonna have me a solatube in my dark bathroom!

    Great to see your progress!

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