Posted by: greenpinkies | February 18, 2011

…And They’re off!


What a wonderful Home and Garden Show it was!

Four of our Pinkie Partners were there with booths showing their wares.  We were able to touch base and talk and reassure the ones who wondered where we had gone.  Since we do a really good McGuire Sisters impersonation, we serenaded them all at different times. “Sugartime, “Ringring” etc. (We’re still working on “Mr. Sandman” and “Sincerely”).

The good news is that we found our engineering representative for the company we were at odds with and had enough of a talk with him to clear the air of all the confusion and stagnation and get the ball rolling again.  After all, when was the last time you were serenaded in public by three beautiful girls?  We simply embarrassed him.   We have our ways.

Now we are assured, the air handler, which was holding up the works, will be into Fayetteville on Tuesday.  Perhaps we can coordinate starting the Happy Hollow project up again starting Thursday? Could this, perhaps, be the beginning of the push to completion?




  1. Hope it gets going!! We are all anxiously anticipating the finished product because we know it will be nothing less than astonishing!! The best of wishes to the Green Pinkies!! You should be proud of your accomplishments!! 😉

  2. I’m sorry that I missed you on Saturday, but I’m very happy that you were able to work things out with the company rep. I didn’t realize that you actually were going to sing. I would have more of an effort to get to the home show if I’d known that was going to happen!

    You girls ROCK!

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