Posted by: greenpinkies | February 17, 2011

Mean and Green, Raw and Real

But I stopped babysitting years ago!!!

I nagged and cajoled my children into adulthood and most importantly into being responsible, self starters. So why do I find that, now, I must nag and cajole somebody else’s 30-something year olds into completing a project?

The very characteristic of women which we, Green Pinkies, detest the most in women, namely nagging and complaining and being you know whats, turns out to be the same characteristic that is required to keep a house renovation project on task.  Can you imagine?  We came into this project assuming we would learn all kinds of valuable new skills and characteristics. Yet, the most valuable thing we have is what we’ve had all along, but refused to use:  Nagging and babysitting and micro-managing.

I try to refrain from nagging my own husband, why should I nag someone else’s?

But, the sad fact is; “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

This eight week delay in our project over the winter was not caused by the weather. It was caused by Engineers in Little Rock sitting on our calculations. I guarantee you that Rick at North Star Plumbing, Ken at Ozark Mountain Air and John at Solar City are just as frustrated by the delay as we are.

So, why didn’t we just get tough and take the Little Rock guys off the project and find a new product to take care of the tankless water heater component of our system?  (After all, we’ve removed other contractors who were not working up to our pace).

Simple answer: Our hands, and those of Rick, were tied. The corporation responsible for the hot water tankless had expressed a desire, early on, to donate equipment to help out with this project. We appreciate that and therefore extend our patience toward them.

Also consider that Rick has attended tankless water heater seminars and been instructed in the products and use of this particular brand.  To drop this company is to literally drop Rick and North Star out of the picture. There is no way we would do that!  Rick and his company are one of our most ardent supporters.  Their enthusiasm has kept us going. Their work ethic is excellent!

So we have sat, (impatiently) waiting, with smiles on our faces, for the engineering portion of this large company to “do the math”.

This leads us to Pet Peeve #3 “Large corporations who let their local dealer, the little guy, down”.  It is not the Fayetteville or Northwest Arkansas component of the large company that needs babysitting and cajoling.  It is the distant, removed component.

Ironically, this makes it easier to be a nag. We don’t know these people any better than they know us.

However, this will soon change.  The representative of this company is coming in for the Home and Garden show in Springdale, this weekend.  We will certainly make our appearance and introduce the Green Pinkies in all our flamboyant personage.



  1. I was thinking of dropping in at the Home Show on Saturday! I’d love to meet you! When do you plan to be there? (You can just email me with that info.)

    I am SO impressed with you both for jumping in and just doing this. And I’m dragging my feet about painting my kitchen cabinets.

    • Dear Eleaine, So sorry we will miss you since we cannot be and the Home Show tomorrow. We were there today, Friday. But please look for and say hi for us to: William Beaver of Home Energy Consultants, Cam Shafer of Natural State Insulation, Cregg Hopman of Deckworks, John Gerard of Sun City Solar and Jaymes Ply, representing Rinnai with McReynolds.

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