Posted by: greenpinkies | January 20, 2011

Heat! or “To Build A Fire” (Jack London)

A survivalist once said that one of the key factors for surviving in any condition, be it the frozen arctic or the Sahara desert, is to build a fire. This is because the fire has such an amazing effect on lifting the mood.  Mood altering will change the momentum of any situation to the positive. This change can mean the life or death of the project, or you.

Today we were loaned, and lit up, an amazing device; a kerosene heater.  Now, this is not your normal house space heater. No, this thing looks and sounds like a jet engine. It has real fire going in that cylinder.  Oh, the wonderfulness of being warm!  Now we can put in a seven to eight hour day in relative comfort.  We were, at the same time, loaned a large work light.

We can’t tell you how strong an impact it makes to drive up to the house and see light in the window and know that it is warmer in there than outside. The psychology of it is amazing. It’s heartwarming, empowering, a real plus.

At this point, the house suddenly passed a milestone and changed from being, “that old, damaged, someone else’s house” to: “our new house”.  Going to work on it each day is a joy because every little thing done to the house shows noticeable improvement.  This is in direct contrast to how it has been in the last few months of being so overwhelmed by the scope of the demolition that even showing up for the work was stressful.






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