Posted by: greenpinkies | December 30, 2010

“The ankle bone is connected to the, shin bone, the shin bone’s connected to the, knee bone….” or “There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza…..”

You know the drill:  You have a hole that has to be fixed. Can’t fix the hole without straw to mend it. Can’t cut the straw to the right length without a knife.  Can’t use the knife without sharpening it….and on and on until, just like the proverbial Liza you are totally disgusted with all the excuses and nothing gets accomplished, much to the delight of the singer who didn’t want to do the chore anyway.

Try as we might, we just cannot seem to get out of being stuck in the mud. We need the plumbers to put in a cold water stub out for the solar guys.  The plumbers want to wait on the HVAC people so that the house is heated and the pipes don’t freeze.  The HVAC people are waiting on a final decision on the air handler from Rinnai, which needs hot water from the solar tank to heat the house ….much to the delight of the singer, who didn’t want to do the chore anyway!!!

And so it goes; the insulation can’t go in before the electrical which must be inspected first. The insulation is waiting on the termite treatment and inspection. The holes in the floor are useful to both the termite guy and insulation guy and so we cannot repair the subfloor until after both of those occur.

So we sit and look at each other in disbelief and in a somewhat comatose state realize that all forward momentum has ground to a halt and we are totally hog tied by so many contingencies that we cannot move.

We are just ‘this far’ from totally making a quantum leap in forward progress, but oh the log jam we have now.

Addendum: This inertia is exacerbated by the fact that all of our technicians, plumbers, HVAC, Solar Systems, are so busy around Fayetteville that we have to take a number and a place in the lineup to get things done. This would really fly in the face of a downturned economy. Maybe things are looking up?

EVHA 2011 competition: In other news, the EVHA award has posted the twelve finalists of the new and existing home 2011 competition as well as their specs on their website ( posting the top winners online on or around January 15th.

BTW: there is a category for people’s choice, hint, hint. 😉



  1. Hi there, Oh the joys of construction in the winter. I would suggest getting some kind of temporary heat, kerosene heaters or propane, it might coast you a little more but things might get done faster, and I wouldn’t wait on the floor go a head and get your floor done the sub contractors should be use to crawling under houses and you’ve got plenty of room under there. Just tell them when your going to do it and if they want to use the holes they should get their stuff done before then. Just be tough and don’t let them walk on you, remember you sign the check.

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