Posted by: greenpinkies | December 19, 2010

Frozen Blue Pinkies or “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes”.

One layer, two layers, three layers, four….

Five layers, six layers, seven layers, more!

The bad news: Monday, December 13th, (23 degrees Fahrenheit)  worked two and a half hours and quit. All you out there who had to put in a full 8 hours in this temperature: you have our utmost admiration.

The cold is cutting down on our hours we can work, even in all these layers.  Good news is that we are really surprised how slim we are when we stop being “Michelin men” and take off all the layers. (In fact this whole house thing is sculpting us better than a Spa Lady membership).

The good news: Dennis inspected the electrical and gave us a passing grade for our temporary electrical turn on.  Now we have a live outlet!

By the way, Many thanks to the diligent guys at Campbell electric.  They sold us 40 receptacles a couple of weeks ago.  Just two days ago, they called to tell Lauren that the codes have changed in Fayetteville for remodels that are stripped to the studs. (That would be us.) Now she needs ‘tamper proof’ receptacles as the upgrade. Campbell electric was not only on top of their game but offered to take the old receptacles and swap them out for the new ones. Kudos to them!

Oh yes, this is just the first of some amazing metamorphoses which we hope to have happen in the next two weeks. With that first beginning outlet of electricity will come the finishing of the solar heater panel, the installation of the hot water and the HVAC system.

Then, we will be able to close up this house and turn it on!

How we really look forward to working in a heated house!

Please stay tuned. Lauren will be profiling each system as we are putting it in, how much individual savings is projected with each component.


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