Posted by: greenpinkies | December 12, 2010

“Making Silk out of a Sow’s Ear”

RE: Making Silk Out of a Sow’s Ear,

Written by Kim Souza (KSOUZA@NWAONLINE.COM)

Northwest Arkansas Newspapers;  Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010

NWA Times "Making Silk out of a Sow's Ear"

Here is our response:

Dear Readers,

We, Kim and Lauren Kuenzel, of the Green Pinkies, wish to extend a very hearty thank you to Kim Souza for her article in the Northwest Arkansas Newspaper, Business Section.

The reporting and writing of this article was well researched and reflects that quality of enthusiasm which we readily identify with and so appreciate in people we meet.

Kim, you have represented us and our local company partners in a very positive manner to the community.

We hope that each person who reads Kim Souza’s article will feel that much more enthusiasm, as well as our encouragement, to pursue that, “something to help” project which we know that each and every one of you is involved in.

Thank you,


Kim and Lauren Kuenzel



  1. I found your blog through the newspaper article on Sunday. I really admire both of you! I think your house is going to be fabulous. Doing things right is more work and takes more time than just slapping a coat of paint on everything, as the flippers on TV tend to do, but you end up with something you can be proud of.

    I’m interested in green building, but I don’t want to do it myself. The next best thing is watching someone else doing it (he he).

    When you’re finished, I want to see LOTS of pictures!

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