Posted by: greenpinkies | November 30, 2010

The Value of Shopping or “Lowe’s knows”


Here is a little suggestion for home improvement projects which experience just taught us: Know all your products you want for your house intimately, and work slowly so you won’t outrun a really great deal getting ready to happen to you.

We were lamenting that we are taking too long to do this project. But there is a wonderful interplay between taking a long time and getting a good deal. Bargains are illusive and you cannot dictate a time frame for them. Like love, a certain amount of chance is involved because you must be in the right place at the right time for them to find you. This takes time and knowing what you want.

We got a good deal!   And, subsequently, we got to know some really fun people and had a great time.

We walked into Lowe’s at about the same time they decided to take down and dissolve one of their 10′ x 10′ kitchen cabinet displays. “$1,000 to the first buyer, you disassemble and haul”.

With less than 2 minutes of hesitation, Lauren became the proud owner of a complete kitchen (not including the counter top). Trim and pulls included for 1/7th of the retail.

But what about removing the cabinets ourselves?  We’ve never done that before.  It’s one thing to quietly figure out how to do something in your own house but, in front of all the customers and employees at Lowe’s?  What if we fall on our heads?

Well, at least we decided we would go ‘in style’.  We put on matching shirts for the event. (and clean underwear, in case we ended up in the emergency room).

You can now imagine the spectacle of two women removing kitchen cabinets in Lowes.

Well, why imagine, here are a few pictures:

So, how are these things attached?

Finished and ready for the next display

The countertop was Corian. It wasn’t the right configuration to fit our kitchen, but rumor had it that there was another, identical countertop in the Springdale Lowe’s which a buyer didn’t want. Because the possibility remained that that countertop was also for sale, we went through extensive coordinated negotiations with the Springdale Lowe’s to buy their countertop too.  We also coordinated with the countertop specialists New Century Countertops to see if these two Corian Countertops could be reworked into one that would fit the configuration of the new kitchen. And how could we move both tops to New Century?  For this we very much thank the two managers of the two stores. I’m sure we tried their patience.

So, lest you think that we Pinkies have everything run peachy and live in a rose colored bubble, where everything works right the first time, think again.  After all the logistics of purchasing the two separate counter tops and arranging transport of them, they were very heavy, the countertop in the Fayetteville Lowe’s store decided to fall over and shatter into six pieces the evening before it was moved out. Sounded like a bomb went off as it hit the floor at about 8pm that night.  No folks, we won’t include pictures of that one either.  We’re just happy no customers had coronaries. Although we’re not sure emergency CPR wasn’t necessary for the manager.

But, that small disappointment aside, the lesson to us is simple: When you start a project, measure out everything you will need to finish it.  Go to Lowe’s and price it, go online and price it.  Educate yourself on value and pricing and fix these into your mind. Then take your time with the project. Patience is sometimes rewarded when you can immediately snap up a bargain because you were already on the lookout for it. In fact, thereafter, some really pumped Pinkies drove all over Northwest Arkansas to five other Lowe’s stores looking for more ‘stuff’ and…..we didn’t find any other deals. Deals, like happiness, can’t be pursued.

What Lowe’s doesn’t know: They contributed to our ability to further improve the energy saving features in our home by giving us the opportunity to spend so little of our limited resources on the kitchen. We, therefore, count them whole heartedly as one of our “Pinkie partners.”!

BTW: Here are those kitchen cabinets (8 months later) and counter tops, reworked, and now residing in the new kitchen at Happy Hollow.

Final configuration of the Lowes display cabinets



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