Posted by: greenpinkies | November 23, 2010

Final Verdict on the Floor or “It’s baackk”

Yes, we’re talking about this floor again! But, hopefully we’re just about done. This will be mostly a quick photo essay about “ the final solution”.

stripped off subfloor, bathroom and kitchen

We decided to remove even the 1/2 inch roofing plywood and expose the floor joists. Even some of the joists are water damaged.

paint Kilz on joists

Next, we scrubbed the floor joists with vinegar, allowed them to dry, then painted with oil based Kilz primer on the darkened areas

New 1/2 inch roofing plywood

Then we nailed on new sub, sub floor. That is 1/2 inch plywood.

After building the walls, we will add 5/8 inch plywood subfloor over this layer.

Finally, we framed in the divider walls between the two bathrooms.

Master Bath and divider walls framed in



  1. Coming along great!! I want to come by and take a look at the progress in person. When its done, you should have a huge open house party!!

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