Posted by: greenpinkies | October 23, 2010

Tile Removal or, The Great Cover Up or, “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

So, we’ve removed the tile from the floor. Now we realize that the smell in this house is now worse than ever. We’re faced with the realization that we now have to replace most of the subflooring in this house.  It is, or rather, was particle board.  Now, of course, it is bubbled up at best, damp, darkened sawdust at worst.

Why?  Because the tile in this house was put down directly over extensive urine damage that was apparently still wet.   The matted dog hair wasn’t even removed first.  This explains the constant ‘weeping’ of the grout lines in some parts of the livingroom as well as the high humidity reading on the tile itself.  Pulling up this tile revealed damaged, spongy subfloor, mold, magic mushrooms, etc. …And oh, the smell!

Extensive subfloor in the living room and all of the hallway, and bedrooms will have to be replaced. We already knew we had to replace it in the bathrooms and kitchen. Not even “Kills” primer ( thank you for that, otherwise, really great suggestion, Randy.) will be able to handle this damage.

This is discouraging in that it will take more time and resources to fix. We thought we were nearly finished with the demolition part.

Make no mistake, we are not always ‘pleasant Pinkies’,  ‘polite Pinkies’,  or ‘Politically Correct Pinkies’.  And, right now, we’re tired. (‘pooped Pinkies’). Therefore:

Let it here be noted:  Nothing pisses Pinkies off faster than cover-ups.  We consider cover-ups to be the ultimate form of dishonesty. True, we could also have sprayed a fresh coat of paint on this house and a little air freshener and “flipped it”, (and its problems), onto the next buyer.  Easy money.   But, this is not our way of life. (that is why we’re going to such effort to “do right by this house”).

Further, we acknowledge that people have free choice to choose to live in whatever conditions they want.  But we do feel very sorry for their dogs.   Pets don’t have much choice.


Incidentally, we stumbled upon a really great self-test for floor moisture content:  After scraping the popcorn texture off the ceiling, all the dust settled on the floors. Although we swept it up, there was a fine layer of dust throughout the house.  Fascinating that, in certain places where this dust lay on the tile grout, this dust began to bubble up into little popcorn-like stalagmites reminiscent of the stalagtites that it was when originally on the ceiling.  These areas corresponded exactly with the moist, weeping areas on the livingroom tile. Using this barometer, we decided that one of the bedrooms did not have damage and moisture under the tile and have decided to leave it tiled. (maybe).


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