Posted by: greenpinkies | September 20, 2010

Professionals KNOW Their Stuff or “One Look Says It All”

Two weeks ago, we had Allen and Andy from A & S Construction come out to the house to 1) determine whether our house needed to be jacked up and 2) how much it would cost if it did.  Upon showing up to the house, they took a look around and decided that to give us the most accurate bid, they would need a backhoe to come in and dig the dirt away to unearth the corner needing to be raised.  This would reveal to them if it was indeed the foundation that was shifting.
So, within a few days, we had the backhoe guy out to dig the dirt away.  To set the scene, there were four of us on the lawn watching as the backhoe guy dug the dirt gently away from the corner of the house, while Allen and Andy were perched on the dirt ledge above the hole, waiting to look at the exposed foundation. I use the word ‘gently’ here because the machine could have easily torn the whole corner of the building down.  But the operator was almost ‘one’ with his instrument and he carefully carved the dirt away, feeling where the cement was so as to not crack it while removing the dirt and grass.  It was amazing to watch! 
Now, as the four of us peered down into the ditch and at the exposed corner of the house, we saw…nothing.  In fact, none of us were even sure we were able to see the corner of the house.  “Is that cement there or a chunk of rock?”  Where as the two professionals, Allen and Andy, jumped right down into the ditch, brushed some red dirt away, took one look at the foundation and said, “yup, this house needs to be jacked up“.  Our initial reaction was “What!? Are you sure?”.  Here they are just looking at some dirt encrusted cement and they have determined in two mintues that it is 1) the foundation of the house, 2) it has indeed shifted over 30 years, and 3) that we’d need to jack up the whole corner to fix it.  Man, that’s hard to believe. 
However, think of this:
Humans know their own environment well.  Animals know their environment well.  A turkey in the forest notices when the hunter hidden in the bushes over yonder in his Mossy Oak gear stiffles a yawn, but accidently moved his shoulders up and down, ever so slightly.  All of a sudden, the turkey is off and gone…after 45 minutes of calling it to within shooting distance.  It really knew it’s surroundings and had an eye for things.
Or think of a time when you decided you wanted to buy something.  For example a bike.  When you start looking for a bike, any bike seemed appealing and ride-able.  But the more you shopped, the more you fine tuned your specifications.  Now, within a look, you can tell whether a bike is suitable to your needs or has something that’s not quite right about it.  Some people call this pickiness…but it’s really knowing your stuff and having an eye for things.
Another example is choosing a mate.  When you first get interested in dating guys/girls you are young. You have no idea what to look for and what is quality and what is not.  But the more guys you date…no, let me rephrase that…the more guys you come to realize are out there, the better you become at determining which one best fits your needs and wants.  Some say it’s pickiness, but again, it’s just really just knowing your stuff and having an eye for things.
That’s what Allen and Andy have: an eye for foundations that have shifted.  They explained to us, that they have worked on so many buildings in Fayetteville that have shifted and cracked, that all it takes is for the dirt to be moved aside and a glance at the foundation and they know what needs to be done. 
So, next time a professional takes a quick look at a job and comes up with a quote and suggestion for fixing it, believe them and go with them and know that for professionals, one look says it all.


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