Posted by: greenpinkies | September 6, 2010

Green pinkies are Green Cleanies or applying the motto: “Work Smart, not Hard”.

We Green Pinkies have, arguably, the cleanest demolition site to be found in Fayetteville. (“arguably” because the cleanliness found at any Kingdom Hall Build site is greater).

Is this because we are total overachievers? No.

This is simply an application of the motto: “Work Smart, not Hard”.

“Work Smart, not Hard”, means simply don’t do stuff that’s not necessary, and know your limitations.  A wise man once said, “Don’t be righteous overmuch, why should you cause desolation to yourself?”  In other words, do only enough to get the job done without the frills and bells and whistles. Frills, bells and whistles are only fluff and serve no other purpose but to show others how good you really are. Such an ego trip can add up to a lot of unnecessary work.

We are women. There is a very great difference in the way women work and the way men work. Women know our physical limitations. We have to think our way around tasks that men can do awesomely well.  We have had our friend Robert stop by and also Jonathan, Lauren’s brother. The sheer might they can put into the task never fails to awe us. The task is accomplished by strength alone. The walls don’t stand a chance.

Robert Stops By

But, there is no way we  ‘Pinkies’ can do an 8 hour demolition stint. Not even a five hour for us is possible without many, many breaks.  And many breaks wastes time. (Unless it’s a water break…we’re not that unreasonable).

As it is, we only work three days a week on the demolition of the interior of this house. The other two days we have volunteer commitments in the community.

So, it is simply a matter of understanding our limits and working with them and not against them. In the course of a demolition day, one of us will be doing the hard labor and the other will be ‘resting’ by doing more mundane chores such as picking up the debris and sweeping.  (Sweeping can be very relaxing).  About every two hours the division of labor shifts.  Amazingly, in this way, the work is getting done. We’re now halfway finished AND, the place stays clean.

Halfway There!

Nevertheless, we now know why construction workers come home after a hard day on the construction site, sit in their easy chair, and have themselves a beer. First, they are so tired they can’t do anything else but sit. Second, the beer kills the pain.

(Actually, the day we put in 10 hours in the crawlspace required Smirnoff).


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